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Tuesday, March 12, 2024 @ 9:30 am MT

PPLI Deep Dive – Maximizing Charitable and Financial Objectives with PPVA


Ben Square headsot

Ben Rainey

frank square headshot

Frank Hirsch, J.D.


A Private Placement Variable Annuity (PPVA) is an institutionally priced variable annuity which allows the owner unlimited contributions and unlimited tax deferral.  Wealthy individuals typically use a PPVA structure to either maximize charitable impact at death or to improve wealth transfer objectives on tax inefficient assets.

Retail annuities often carry high fees and limited investment choices. Not so with a PPVA. A PPVA offers extremely low fees, often 50bps or less, and nearly unlimited investment choices via the owner’s chosen investment professional. Nearly anything that the owner owns taxably can be owned inside the PPVA structure.

Just as PPLI is gaining rapid adoption and traction in the ultra-affluent space, so too is PPVA. Join Ben Rainey and Frank Hirsch, J.D. as they unpack the PPVA product.  We will discuss how clients are using this structure to accomplish multiple planning objectives:

  • Maximize charitable impact – during lifetime and at death
  • Maximize wealth transfer objectives related to tax-inefficient investments
  • 1035 exchanges from existing retail annuities
  • 1035 exchanges from traditional life insurance policies which have embedded losses

Maximizing Charitable and Financial Objectives with PPVA

Tuesday, March 12 at 9:30 am Mountain Time

Zoom Video Conference

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