Introducing WealthPoint Investment Bank, LLC

There’s a grave statistic that every entrepreneur may face at some point. Roughly 30% of businesses that go to market actually complete a transaction. That means seven out of ten exit the process worse than empty-handed. The process results in a devastating waste of time, energy, money and resources.

At WealthPoint, we believe this statistic is the result of several industry norms embedded in traditional Investment Banking. It’s something we’ve coined The Partial PresumptionTM. In these traditional approaches, the banker is introduced in conjunction with a transaction. Either they’re bringing one to your doorstep, or they’re helping you find one in the marketplace. This trajectory presumes you’re equipped to evaluate what you’re saying YES or NO to. There’s also a presumption that a third-party transaction is the best solution for meeting your goals for yourself, your family and your key stakeholders.

Transitioning your business is one of the most important decisions of your life. Yet most entrepreneurs are asked to pull the trigger lacking sufficient information and perspective to make the best decision.

A Proven Process

Now more than ever, Boomer Entrepreneurs are painfully aware that their runway for succession or exit is getting shorter and shorter. The danger of going down the wrong path is exacerbated because they may not have the time, energy or resources to mitigate a false start or a failed sale.

That’s why we formed WealthPoint IB. All too often, we observed a crucial factor that placed entrepreneurs in the 70% statistic. They came to the table unclear about their objectives numerically, operationally and relationally and they didn’t have a clear set of criteria for describing a win. WealthPoint’s pre-market discovery model solidly fills this clarity gap.

WealthPoint IB vows never to leave the building until the ink is dry on a completed transaction. Our commitment to stewarding these final hours means that deals cross the finish line with momentum and satisfied outcomes.

Our Team

Tim Young
Director – Phoenix

Michael Kenneth, CPA
Director – Phoenix

Peter Miterko, J.D., LL.M., CEPA
Director – Denver

Shelley Forman, CPA
Director of Accounting & Finance – Phoenix

Savannah Wolach
Director of Operations – Phoenix

Frank Caputo, CEPA
Associate Director – Phoenix

John Chionchio, CEPA
Associate Director – Phoenix

Joe Liggett
Associate Director – Denver

Caroline Diaz
Client Coordinator – Phoenix

Our Services

Capital Formation

As an investment bank, we can assist your business in raising funds to achieve a variety of objectives, such as acquisitions, reducing debt load, expanding existing operations or specific project financing. Capital can include some combination of debt, common equity, and preferred or hybrid securities such as convertible debt or debt with warrants. We will work with you to structure the transaction and to meet specific objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We often represent companies in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Example projects include the acquisition of a specific company, the sale of a company or a subsidiary of a company and assistance in identifying, structuring, and executing a merger, joint venture, or reorganization. In each case, we help provide a thorough analysis of the entity bought or sold, as well as a valuation range and recommended structure along with market conditions.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services include assignments such as strategic exit planning, business valuations, assisting in financial restructurings and helping clients meet their short and long-term objectives.

Investment Banking Services

Strategic Advising



Financial Modeling

Improved Valuation Strategies

Our Process

What transparency means in the investment banking world

At WealthPoint, our financial metrics incent a deeply satisfying result for the entrepreneur, family group, company and your key relationships with no predetermined outcome. Together with your key advisors, we navigate the client’s options and choices in a manner that’s both agnostic and transparent.

WealthPoint’s Know your story® model

Born out of our innate intellectual curiosity to get to the root of your underlying aspirations, our model protects you from the devastation of unintended consequences. Prior to heading to market, we conduct deep discovery around the crucial questions – if, why, when and how – to best transition the business.

If a third-party transaction is your best answer, we look at a variety of transaction types, drilling deep and choosing carefully. If it turns out an internal transition is more amenable, we likewise explore your options, looking at the pro’s and con’s of various scenarios as they relate to your unique circumstances.

The heart of our process is modeling the upside and downside of your options in three essential realms: numerical, operational and relational.

Numerical Level

We know that most business owners have a liquidity gap that needs to be filled by monetizing the business. However, many aren’t aware of ‘how much is enough’, as well as the significant variance between sale price and net proceeds to the seller. We help you understand and quantify your personal core capital needs. Then we gross it up to a realistic number that includes all transaction expenses, tax consequences and legal and accounting fees. Having this information at the onset protects you from chasing or accepting an unsatisfactory outcome.

Operational Level

We look at the company from a buyer’s perspective. We plan ahead to help ensure the business can pass due diligence when the time comes. Without this, all the work of finding a buyer may conclude with a failed sale.

Relational Level

We look at who has been instrumental in the growth of the business, and who is essential to its continued thriving. We play out the future scenarios required to protect and retain your core team. Alignment with your key people is an expression of gratitude internally, and a confidence-builder for the buyer during transaction due diligence.

Early-stage prudence multiplies later-stage wins

As a business owner, your big decisions are inseparable from who you are as a person. Your best decisions are infused with unshakable gut instinct. As a result of our Know your story model, you’ll understand the impact of a YES/NO decision for yourself, and the people you care about most. And you’ll maximize the gross and net of your choices – numerically, operationally and relationally.