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New Business Advisory Partner

PHOENIX, April 24, 2019 – WealthPoint a leading provider of business and life insurance advisory services with a focus on succession, exit and wealth transfer planning to entrepreneurial family groups and affluent clients throughout the U.S., has hired John Chionchio, its newest Business Advisory Partner in their Phoenix office.

“John is looking forward to helping clients through our model called Know your story®. It helps entrepreneurs and affluent family groups plan the same way they think. We invite them into a decision-making process and help them leave the planning process behind. We provide clarity on how to do that,” said WealthPoint’s Co-Managing Partner, Tim Young.

After building and successfully selling his electronics companies to a Fortune 100 company, John retired at age 37 and began consulting with business owners to help them better understand the true value of their enterprise and to run it so it better served their lives. After 16 years of retirement, John started and grew a Business Advisory practice with Northwestern Mutual then sold it to join WealthPoint to better serve the needs of the affluent market.

“When it comes to owning and operating a large privately-held business, there is a big difference between earning and receiving it’s value. It’s both and art and a science to manage that asset for best outcomes. After great due diligence, I joined WealthPoint for the incredible breadth and depth of talent and resources they’ve developed for addressing these needs and consistently producing better outcomes. It is so exciting to join a team that operates at this level and shares my core values” said John Chionchio, CEPA, Partner.

About WealthPoint
WealthPoint is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ with offices in Denver, CO and San Diego, CA. They specialize in providing a holistic approach to business and life insurance advisory services with a focus on succession, exit and wealth transfer planning. WealthPoint serves affluent family groups and entrepreneurs from closely held companies throughout the U.S. The company’s unique process helps their clients to achieve better business & personal outcomes faster, safer & easier.

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