Business Advisory Services

Every entrepreneur to whom we’re referred has done some good planning. Many have longstanding relationships with great professional advisors. Yet when we’re invited in, the entrepreneur remains stuck on one or more big issues. Entrepreneurs are the best instinctual decision-makers in the world. So why is it that more than 80% of business owners don’t have a game plan for exiting their business on their own terms?

We believe a key factor is what we’ve termed, The Partial Presumption. Many business succession approaches look at the exit itself as the starting point. Most entrepreneurs we meet aren’t planning to exit any time soon. And, you may not have a vision for what you’ll do in life-after-the-business. So, the logical outcome is to go back to what you know best.

At WealthPoint, we know that the true time horizon for developing your life-after-the-business strategy is about ten times wider than what most approaches address.

In our experience, entrepreneurs don’t believe in partial truths or partial solutions. In fact, you’re successful beyond most because you’re adept at driving to the heart of an opportunity – and getting to the core of any issue.

We designed our Know your story model to honor the magnitude of your achievements. We do so by maximizing your business value in three essential realms: numerical, operational and relational.

It’s a process and a commitment to Know your story at three layers…

First, Know your story is about helping you get to instinctual clarity about how you want your story to play out from here forward – before, during and after you exit your business. Second, it’s about our firm’s responsibility to Know your story. This means taking the time and having the respect to hear the full story of all the stakeholders in the process before recommending any action. Third, it’s about mutual transparency. If we expect you to the bare the soul of your Life’s Work, then it’s only fair for us to come to the table with equal candor and disclosure.

We believe this is the difference between a planning process and a decision-making process. As advisors, we all love great planning processes. But for the entrepreneur, the planning happens in the background. The real craving is for a process that gives rise to pinpoint wisdom about desired outcomes.