Insurance Advisory Services

Know your story is a business model built to honor and therefore fix what’s broken in the traditional world of life insurance. We believe that world was founded on biased origins. It’s a sales-driven system in which compensation to the financial advisor both motivates and mitigates their behavior.

When a delivery system is 100% sales-driven, the sense of urgency is tied to transactions. Transactions reward the salesman. Where does that leave the family?

WealthPoint was founded on our innate desire to eliminate these conflicts in the insurance relationship. In order to do so, we had to design a delivery system that did not yet exist. Know your story is a business model that works at three layers…

First, we believe insurance must be addressed through an advisory lens. This means creating space in the relationship to help you get to deep instinctual clarity about how you want your story to play out from here forward. Second, it’s about respect: taking the time to understand the full story of all the stakeholders in the process – family, longstanding advisors and more.

Third, it’s a commitment not just to fire questions at you – but to answer yours with authenticity and candor. We’re happy to share as much detail about our business and compensation model as we expect you to share about yourself and your family.

Know your story reminds us that life insurance is simply a tool. As such, the conversation needs to begin with if it can help, not how. At the end of the day, alignment with the family’s objectives is the only acceptable litmus test for recommendations.