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Video – Modify, Keep or Quit? Efficient and Effective Decision Making for Life Insurance Portfolios


In this presentation, Ryan Barradas and Scott Kirby from Abacus provide an overview of life settlements, what’s currently happening in the settlement marketplace and how a settlement may provide a better result for clients wishing to exit their life insurance policy. Life Settlements are one option that can generate liquidity for clients yet are often never known about or misunderstood. Ryan and Scott will provide a transparent view into the world of the Life Settlement marketplace: how it works, what factors of a client’s policy and overall situation should be considered and what makes it a viable planning strategy.

Topics Covered:

  • Discover the many options a client should be aware of beyond “keep or quit”
  • Identify when these strategies are appropriate and how to properly analyze them
  • Understand how Life Settlements work – A transparent look into policy pricing, agent compensation and overall good decision making
  • Evaluate impact of liquidity planning in uncertain times

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