Instinct Verification

Often in financial services, conversations jump from a white board to a request for action in a matter of hours. We can’t help but wonder which relevant wealth points were skipped. That’s why we developed a process called Instinct Verification. We create a broad and thorough snapshot of your current situation in three essential realms: numerical, operational and relational. Perhaps for the first time, you’ll see both your documented goals and the current trajectory of outcomes. You’ll see the potential impact of keeping the status quo, and how to mitigate risks that threaten your stated objectives.

Next we stress test the plan. White boards are great for strategic thinking but they don’t illustrate the inherent interconnected nature of planning. We utilize our proprietary IV™ technology to show real-time numerical integration of literally every asset. While most plans are built on good things happening, entrepreneurs and affluent family groups crave a clear picture of worst-case scenarios. With our proprietary IV™  technology you can address the possible what-if scenarios and immediately see many of the effects in other areas.