The Pulse of ProgressTM

One of the primary reasons entrepreneurs and affluent family groups stop short of executing planning is accountability. Who will steward the financial, legal and business aspects to fruition?

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We create clear accountability metrics for all parties, including ourselves.
Integrity is defined by what happens after everyone leaves the room.


For every big purchase, there’s a carrying cost to owning what you acquired.

The same holds true for planning. After you make a big decision, our model kicks into high gear.

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The Pulse of Progress is our model for proactive, real-time collaboration with your complete advisory team.

Our role as project manager eliminates your complexity, replacing it with leadership by your collective advisory team.

We back our promises.

We back our promises with the kind of technology, communications systems and embedded check points you’d find in a well-run corporation.

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Communications Systems

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Embedded Check Points


It speaks to the integrity that remains when everyone leaves the room.

We finish up, follow through and proactively tend to our commitments and our relationships long after the industry’s short-term promises and shiny objects have lost their luster.

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Our Practice

Our industry specialized professionals can help you with:

  • New Life Insurance Acquisitions
  • Large/Jumbo Case Management
    • Policies in Excess of $65 Million
  • Life Insurance Review and Market Study
  • Comprehensive Life Insurance Exit Analysis
  • Premium Financed Life Insurance
  • Life Settlements
  • PartnersFinancial/NFP – Member Firm
  • Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)
  • Know your story.® Unique Process
    • Succession and Exit Planning
      • Family Business Succession
      • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
      • Insider Transaction
      • Sale to Key People
    • Wealth Transfer Planning
    • M&A Preparation
      • Value Maximization Strategies
    • Proprietary Financial Modeling Tool – IV™

Executive Benefits

  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP)
  • Phantom Stock Plans or Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR)
  • Executive Compensation, Governance Consulting Services and Surveys

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