Still Wisdom

At WealthPoint, we believe that unspoken truths take up more space in professional relationships than spoken ones. Too often in financial services, courting begins based on the agenda the new advisor brings to the table. And, for you as the entrepreneur or affluent family group, past unpleasant experiences can leave you guarded about what you’re willing to disclose.

The unspoken truths limit the conversation, creating two potential outcomes. Sometimes the parties meet, greet and meet again: there’s lots of conversation yet very little quantifiable progress. Or, the lack of full disclosure leads to solving little problems instead of big ones. It’s a Band-Aid approach that often creates more harm than value.

In contrast, Still Wisdom honors the fact that, as a successful entrepreneur or affluent family group, your big business decisions are inseparable from who you are as a person. That means that your decision-making is defined by your ability to arrive at unshakable gut instincts. Likewise, your inclination to engage in a relationship or a process is defined by your instincts about the people and the factors at hand.

We begin every potential relationship with a deep intellectual curiosity to uncover what everyone at the table desires. We help everyone get really present in their thinking. The subconscious layers of bias peel away and give rise to pinpoint wisdom about desired outcomes. It’s that place of instinctual decision-making you know and trust. That’s why we call it Still Wisdom.