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Video – PPLI Interview with Josh Caron (FINSECA)


In this video interview, Ben Rainey and Aidan Elliott met with Josh Caron, Vice President of Federal Affairs with FINSECA. Ben and Aidan ask Josh a few questions about the recent tax news regarding Private Placement Life Insurance. This is a must listen if you own a PPLI policy or are interested in taking advantage of the product’s tax benefits.


Topics Covered:

  • I am current PPLI policy holder and I read about Senator Wyden’s investigation in the news. Should I be worried? Will I have an IRS target on my back and can they disrupt my policy or will it trigger an audit? (Timestamp 2:11)
  • I’m a wealth advisor and I recommend PPLI to my clients, but the Senator’s comments have made me somewhat nervous. Should I be worried about recommending this to my clients? (Timestamp 7:29)
  • Is PPLI an abusive tax scheme as Senator Wyden described it? (Timestamp 10:33)
  • What is the likelihood of congress carving out PPLI from the code and taxing inside build up or forcing distributions? Will PPLI policies be grandfathered? (Timestamp 14:24)

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