We believe that all too often in planning, entrepreneurs and affluent family groups are asked to make big decisions lacking the raw material they need to make great decisions. We also believe that you and your longstanding advisors can sense something’s missing. Meanwhile, there’s too much at stake with your wealth, your business and your relationships to risk faltering. Inevitably, you abandon the process and go back to what you know best.

That’s why we designed a model called Know your story®. It helps entrepreneurs and affluent family groups plan the same way they think.

Much of the industry comes to your planning table armed with what we’ve termed, The Partial Presumption. It’s a limited perspective that suggests you need their specific silo of advice or tools. Likewise, sometimes people get to your planning table more focused on their agenda than yours. They’re driven to close a transaction, and they know that broadening your awareness can kill the synthetic momentum en route to their desired outcome.

In both scenarios, your choices are narrowed based on the intellectual or financial bias of the advisor.

In contrast, we believe that unspoken truths take up more space in professional relationships than spoken ones. And that the only way to help you make great decisions is to uncover and share both the upside and the downside of your choices. We play out the full life cycle of your issues and the full spectrum of relevant options in three essential realms: numerical, operational and relational.

Our clients tell us it’s the first time the sense of urgency in planning has been tied to quantifiable results, not transactions. And, they finally have relevant metrics for decision-making.